A perfect crema every time! The Coffee Love God highly recomends this machine. And, to sweeten the deal you get Free shipping, a Cuban Coffee set worth $25 and our exclusive maintenance reminder plan, for life.
120Volt Model $1300.00

  For those that want the best!

This highly innovative fully automatic machine has all the advantages of the Magic de Luxe, but goes further to take its place at the top of the range.
Its digital display will tell you at any time the actual mode and status it is in. Extra programmable functions allow you to change the language of the display, adjust the water temperature, use an additional rinsing cycle, do automated de-scaling, and numerous other features detailed on the technical data page.
Its high tech Rapid-Steam® feature allows you to froth and brew without waiting or changing the temperature. After frothing the Magic Comfort Plus is immediately ready to brew coffee.
Just sit back and enjoy the pure pleasure of an espresso, a cappuccino or a latte in the comfort of your own home.

Easy Clean System ®

The brew group is where your coffee is tamped, brewed and dispensed. The patented brew group can be taken out for convenient rinsing. The brew group compartment is completely separated from the electrical compartment, fully accessible and can easily be kept hygienically clean. That is proprietary Saeco technology and one of the things that has made Saeco world leader in superautomatic coffee machines.


Auto Service Program ®

In addition to the most hygienic Easy Clean System®, the machine has programmed feature for occasional convenient rinsing of the micro filter screens. For periodical preventative maintenance the use of Saeco cleaning tablets is recommended. A further program function is the automatic decalcifying cycle. The digital display has a comprehensive menu that leads you through all the functions.

Saeco Aroma System ®

To optimize the flavor extraction, a special program step injects a little hot water into the freshly ground coffee, in order to soak it and let it swell up. This is done just before the actual brew cycle commences.

Opti-Dose ®

Here you will find a lever that will allow you to adjust the amount of coffee to be ground for each individual cup. Adjust it from 6 grams (- sign) to 9 grams (+ sign) to change the strength of the coffee.


Bon-Temp ®

Stack your porcelain cups on this large and convenient heating surface. Pre-heated cups help to retain the crema and let the aromas develop better.


Rapid-Steam ®

The Rapid-Steam® feature allows you to froth and brew without waiting or changing the temperature. Make cappuccinos and lattes in an instant!


Technical Data

Adjustable coffee grinder


Opti-Dose® / Adjustable dose of ground coffee per serving

0.2 - 0.3 oz / 6-9 g

Capacity of the bean hopper

10.6 oz / 300 g

Capacity of the dump box


Pre-ground coffee features


Manual adjustment of level of coffee per cup


Electronic programming of level of coffee per cup


Adjustable coffee dispensing unit


# of cups prepared at the same time


Saeco Aroma System® / Pre-infusion System


Pump pressure

Approx. 15 bar / 220 psi

Hot water for tea and other beverages


Rapid Steam® / Separate steam Generator


Automatic disposal of used coffee grounds


Easy Clean System® Accessible brewing compartment. Removable brew group


Auto Service Program®
Wash / cleaning cycle
Automatic decalcifying cycle


Bon Temp® / Actively heated cup warming surface


Swivel base


In-Ta-Fil-System® / In-Tank-Water-Filter


Removable water tank capacity

82 oz / 2.4l

Machine housing

Metal body / ABS plastic cover

Dimensions (width x height x depth in inches / mm)

15.15x15.5x18 in / 385x395x455 mm

Unit weight

29 lbs / 13 kg

Power Watt / Volt

1250W / 120V



Digital Display


-out of beans


-out of water


-dump box full


-brew group out of place


-decalcification indicator


Limited warranty in years


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